The Hollywood Reporter: 40(ish) Most Powerful People in Comedy

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“I started when there was no internet,” says the man known to fans as Fluffy. “You had to make flyers, go to parking lots and look like a creeper putting them on cars.” Now Iglesias, 41, gets the word out via his 9 million Facebook fans, who fill arenas like New York’s Madison Square Garden and L.A.’s Staples Center. “It’s like WWE meets the Food Network,” he jokes of his performances, adding that he draws inspiration from the pro wrestling circuit. “You put out a good product, people will come out for it.” Next up: Mr. Iglesias, a multicamera sitcom for Netflix in which Iglesias plays a high school history teacher — which was his career fallback plan

My most memorable heckler experience… “I was in Las Vegas doing my act at the Mirage, and after every punchline, some lady in the crowd would go, ‘OH-kay!’ And I’d do another bit and she’d go, ‘OH-kay!’ And I’m like, this is weird. Until finally I said, ‘Are you OK…Read More

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