NY Post: Comic Gabriel Iglesias goes from stand-up to sitcom

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Comic Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, who’ll be in New York City this weekend, has added “series star” to his decades-long resume.

Iglesias, currently shooting his upcoming Netflix sitcom, “Mr. Iglesias,” performs Saturday and Sunday at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Beacon Theatre, respectively, as part of the 2018 New York Comedy Festival. The 42-year-old comic spoke to The Post about his standup act, his new series and his social media footprint (he personally runs his popular TwitterInstagram and Facebook accounts)

Tell me about “Mr. Iglesias.” Is getting your own TV series the end game?

I’m playing a history teacher in the city of Long Beach, [California], and the school I’m teaching at [Woodrow Wilson High School] is my real high school. A lot of times you gotta do the Hollywood “fake high school,” but we got permission to use the real name, logos and colors [of the school] so I thought that was a really nice touch. We’re at the halfway point now and filming until Dec. 20. All the kids on the show are students in jeopardy of being counseled out [of school], and I’m fighting for them because they’re all good kids…Read More

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